Company Histories

Creating and sustaining a business demands skill, savvy, and hard work. What has it taken to make your company what it is? Chronicle the history of your company as a way of marking your beginnings, celebrating your progress, and charting your future.

A company history offers key players—board members, founders, and employees—the opportunity to share their visions of what makes your company unique. Use this powerful tool to:

Consider presenting an employee with a company history at retirement, rather than the standard gold pen or plaque!

At Story Lines, we’ll work with you to produce a history that best meets your needs—whether that’s an interview with one employee or fifteen, a simple-bound transcript or an elegant leather book, a brief video profile or a documentary.

I’m so pleased to have the history of AXIS Dance Company documented. As one of the pioneers of the emerging field of physically-integrated dance, I feel that this history is important to the field and will provide a legacy for the companies that follow. Our long road, filled with obstacles and successes, is now available for our staff, dancers, board, students, and supporters to reflect upon, learn from, and celebrate.

-Judith Smith, Artistic Director and Founding Member, AXIS Dance Company